Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lisa's Dessert Tables @ Noche Latina y Tropical

Lisa's Dessert Tables was proud to be a part of the Noche Latina y Tropical on Friday, August, 19th, 2011 event hosted by Raquel Abut at the Grand Parisien Ballroom.

A night filled with 100+ wonderful people, a great concert by Ley Alejandro with fabulous drinks and  food by Raul Cordoneda, owner of  the Parisien Ballroom and desserts by ME!  The atmosphere was thick with excitement and anticipation as everyone enjoyed a fantastic evening of dancing and mingling. 

The event called for a tropical musical theme and these are the desserts I came up with!  I think they fit perfectly and apparently so did the guests as there was nothing left at evenings end!

Music never tasted this good!  Cupcakes and chocolate to make your tongue dance.

Lisa's Dessert Tables very own Chocolate Coconut or Walnut Coffee Truffles.
Mmmmmmmmmmm...sooooo delicious!

Frosted Brownie....ohhh sooo decadent..

Just some of the 100+ fabulous people in attendance enjoying!

My thanks to all for enjoying what I do as well as this spectacular evening!