Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lisa's Dessert Tables was asked to create Sushi themed desserts for the "Welcome Art Basel" at the World Erotic Art Museum by it's Founder, Naomi Wilzig for Art Basel 2013 and we were more than happy to do so!
Custom desserts being our specialty, we could not wait to get started planning out the menu for some delicious "sushi" treats.  From Candy Sushi and Marshmallow Sushi Rolls to Rice Crispies Sashimi and solid chocolate Caviar Sushi Rolls, our sushi desserts were made with only the finest, freshest ingredients for all dessert lovers...

Centered around Art Basel and it's many events, the World Erotic Art Museum hosted the "Welcome Art Basel" reception to a packed house!  Guests were greeted by beautiful Asian decor, sushi, our sushi desserts, cocktails and an exhibit by internationally renown photographer George Danielle.
It was our job to make sure we created desserts that were not only indistinguishable from real sushi but also as decadent and tasty.  Mission accomplished!  Guests were heard raving about "Welcome Art Basel" reception, it's decor, delicious sushi and our desserts. 

Making sure our customers get what they want and are pleased with their order is of huge importance to Lisa's Dessert Tables.  With our desserts a hit with both Naomi Wilzig and her guests we were proud of ourselves, felt honored and privileged to be able to share with her audience.  Including Lisa's Dessert Tables desserts for the "Welcome Art Basel" reception at the World Erotic Art Museum was a thrill for us!

Lisa's Dessert Tables would like to thank Naomi Wilzig for her confidence and for allowing us to be part of the World Erotic Art Museum's "Welcome Art Basel" reception for a great night of Baseling!
World Erotic Art Museum Founder, Naomi Wilzig
For your own custom-made dessert creations, please visit us at www.lisasdesserttables.com and tell us what you are looking for!  Chances are if you can imagine it, we can create it!