Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lisa's Dessert Tables is happy ....

to have been part of the Ability Explosion events
during the week of October 19-23, 2011.  With fabulous people, wonderful treats, light bites, cocktails and activities galore, the week was filled with lots of excitement and culminated with a spectacular day on the water!

Lisa's Dessert Tables began their participation as a sponsor on Wednesday, October 19th at the AE Sexy-Ability Event at the Shore Club in Miami Beach.  Our pops were a hit with the folks and we were happy to provide!

David New, Founder of Ability Explosion enjoying our Marshmallow Pops!

On Saturday, October, 22, 2011 Ability Explosion celebrated their week by hosting a   Fashion Extravaganza at the Miami Beach Golf and Country Club in Miami Beach, Fl.  Again, Lisa's Dessert Tables was more than happy to participate with this worthy cause.

Along with lots of sponsors, media, an art work auction, local celebrities, great raffle prizes and a fashion show grand finale, the evening was a huge success!
Fit for Fashion Dessert Table

 Girlie Brownie Bites

 An Assortment of Decadent Treats! 

Lisa's Dessert Tables was also sure to capture some of the evenings memories.
 Maryel Epps graced us with her beautiful voice

 Miami Beach Commissioner, Michael Gongora rocks it out at the Ability Explosion 2011 Fashion Extravaganza

 Art work to feast the soul.

 Red Carpet Auctions was there to film live!

 Sexier cocktails were enjoyed by all.

Finally, Ability Explosion 2011 came to a close with a day on the water at Shake-a-leg in Coconut Grove.  With boat rides, kayaks, a cooking show and more, it was a fun day for all who came out and participated.  


Paulina Orrego Event Chair for Ability Explosion 2011 and Lisa Gregorio of Lisa's Dessert Tables enjoying a beautiful day on the water.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Lisa's Dessert Tables @ MD Ageless Solutions Extravaganza

 Lisa's Dessert Tables was proud to be part of the MD Ageless Solutions Extravaganza held on October 12, 2011 hosted by

  It was an evening filled with fabulous people, wonderful prizes, lite bites, cocktails, music and of course, desserts by me.

The vibe for this event was modern chic and I was asked to design a table that would fit the evening.  This beautiful table became part of the space and was filled with decadent treats for all the MD Ageless Solutions guests to enjoy.

 These were gone in a flash as many enjoyed their lemony delight

Truffles, truffles, truffles...a favorite among desserts!

Beautiful table for a beautiful venue

Marshmallow pops all dressed up in colors to match

These brownie lover's delight made for a sweet, sweet night

My thanks to SoFlaNights.Com and MD Ageless Solutions of Miami, Fla for the opportunity to design and serve desserts for their guests!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lisa's Dessert Tables is proud to announce...

Our participation for one spectacular event on October 12, 2011
Great people, awesome food and desserts, music and fantastic gifts!
  Join us!

COMING SOON...............

Coming soon....Lisa's Dessert Tables dessert display rentals! Stay tuned...