Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweet, sweet love after 25 years...

February is for lovers and the month I married my sweetie 25 years ago. Our silver wedding anniversary was surrounded by our fabulous family and friends as we celebrated this milestone.  A silver, black and white themed dessert table was set out for everyone to enjoy!  With baked goodies and a candy buffet, this table was empty before the evening was done.

25th Wedding Anniversary Dessert Table
 From brownie bites and marshmallow pops to black and white cookies, these desserts were just way to decadent to last!
Dessert is served!
 Our rice pudding mini's were all the rage!
Frosted Brownie Bites that say I do!
Chocolate Mini Cupcakes show the love...
 Vanilla Rum Cake ...
Chocolate Peppermint Parfait topped with a Junior Mint.  Our guests couldn't get enough!
Coconut Mini Cupcakes made for a mouth full of flavor and disappeared right out of sight...

Lollipop Bouquet to say Thank you to all our guests!   

Our guests were also treated to a fabulous cold cut, bread, fruit and cheese spread that also included shrimp.  The decor was custom made to match the dessert table and the silver theme.

Food Table before set up
Food table as the evening sets and right before the food is set out

Flowers and candles added a lovely touch to the celebration and were spread throughout the party!
Rhinestone monogram and design added to the glitz and glamor of the evening!

 All our flower bouquets were lit from the inside.  These lights come in white, black and a multitude of other colors!  Perfect for any occasion...
This adorable couple was filled with a chocolate wedding couple and white candy bells for all our guests to take home!

   We thank all our guests for joining us as we look forward to another 25 years of memories and a dream for what the future holds.
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