Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Introducing "The Man Crew"

"The Man Crew" (Lisa's People Pops TM) was created for a family of four men.  To say they where amazed is an understatement!  Once delivered, the men are refusing to eat their own images!  They much rather save them to show and share how cute they are! 

Along with "The Man Crew"(Lisa's People Pops TM)  we created our beautiful "Divas"(Lisa's People Pops TM).  They are as precious as they are yummy...

Order yours today and see how impressed your recipient will be!

"Lisa's People Pops" are a trade marked of LisasDessertTables.com.  No reproductions or copy are allowed without written request and approval.  All reproductions or copies will be prosecuted under the law.

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