Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lisa's Dessert Tables has created a brand new dessert just in time for Father's day...

 FORGET the ties, colognes and mugs...NEVER MIND another shirt, wallet or cuff links!!!!!!!!!!!

Our brand new "Lisa's People Pops"TM  are a sweet and unique gift for the Dad who has it all!
These pops are approximately 2-1/4" round and decked out to the max!

Order yours by the bunch, a bouquet or a single Person in a small glass vase.
This fellow has a solid chocolate hat and a decorative tie.

Don't want to leave Mom out of the picture?  We make a diverse line of "Lisa's People Pops"TM  From men and women to children, blondes, red heads and more!
 Dad can share his special treat with Mom!

Contact Lisa's Dessert Tables @ for pricing and delivery information.  "We make your party an event!"
 "Lisa's People Pops" are a trade marked of  No reproductions or copy are allowed without written request and approval.  All reproductions or copies will be prosecuted under the law.

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